Breaking down imaginary walls

Lately I’ve been feeling stuck. Stuck in a situation that I (still) haven’t figured out how to deal with. I don’t appreciate being stuck… my life goals are set and I have things that have to be accomplished according to a very tight imaginary schedule. It is so disturbing that, even though it’s past my bedtime I’m laying here in bed writing this with what I would consider to be a minor anxiety attack. It’s not the first time this happens (the being stuck thing, not the anxiety attack), and it will most likely not be the last, but at least it has made me wonder… how responsible are we for feeling stuck?

On one of my recent overthink sessions I stumbled upon the concept of energies. It seems like when good things happen to people… they come in a set. In the same month a person gets his or her dream job AND meets the love of his or her life. Don’t get me wrong, I have been that lucky happy person… it’s just that when things seem to be going your way and you are sticking to the PLAN, you never take the time to stop, sit down and analyze what’s going on. On the other hand, when you fall out of track… the mind setting turns out to be quite different. This has made me reach the following conclusion: when sets of good happy things are happening to us it’s because we’re attracting positive energy and reflecting it back onto those who surround us. This creates a positive energy virtuous cycle. Therefore, if we’re feeling stuck, well it must be because our energies have unwinded and we are not concentrating them on the right things. If we want to take-off… we have to start by unclogging our energies (if this all works out I will consider pursuing a career in energy-plumbing). 

As I sit wondering what type of energy I currently give off, I started noticing that in order to unclog my energies I had to begin by breaking down some of my mental frontiers. These imaginary frontiers are walls that we build-up in our minds, things that we come up with influenced by our friends, families, society… but mainly ourselves. We accumulate external factors and build-up walls so high that we are no longer able to look over them and see that the other side is not that bad after all… heck the other side might even be better than the place where we were standing all along! Allow me to illustrate… we believe we won’t be able to pull-off that outfit because we’re not pretty enough, we believe they won’t respect us because we’re not smart enough, we believe we will always be single because we are just not the dating type. In my case, the worst ones would be in the areas of taking care of myself (because it means I’m weak), letting others take care of me (once again the weakness thing), getting involved (because I get too involved), being an immigrant (because it’s just overall overwhelming)… and the list goes on and on. I feel like once we become conscious of the existence of these walls, there is no way back… we just have to do something to step over them, or break them down and get back on track! 

In the end, it’s all in the power of our imagination. If we are capable of creating the right scenario in our heads… then nothing should stop us from being able to accomplish whatever we want. I’m not a spiritual person, and I’m actually already feeling corny enough writing this article (imaginary wall #10,786), but I guess that what I want to say is that sometimes we are the only ones standing in our own way. We are sometimes our worst enemy. So lets start unclogging those energies and breaking down those imaginary walls because there’s still a lot to be done! 

Note to the reader: This article does not relate to situations of oppression. That case lies in a context that is far beyond the very simple reasoning exposed above. Anyhow, I think it might also be important to remind you that even in cases of extreme oppression, people have been able to stand up for themselves and make crucial changes in their life situations. They didn’t sit there and wait for things to change. They stood up and broke down those imaginary and sometimes physical walls while being in situations that are beyond my understanding. Let those people that have ferociously believed in themselves and in their causes inspire you when you start breaking down those walls that are keeping you from being who you want to be.

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