On transitioning and transcending

My transition from 2018 to 2019 is happening at an airport. Anyone who knows me knows how much I dread airports. I hate the way they feel, the fake light, the way people behave in them and, most of all, the amount of time you spend just standing in line and waiting. They are uncomfortable little bits of hell! My mother on the other hand … Continuer de lire On transitioning and transcending

Breaking down imaginary walls

Lately I’ve been feeling stuck. Stuck in a situation that I (still) haven’t figured out how to deal with. I don’t appreciate being stuck… my life goals are set and I have things that have to be accomplished according to a very tight imaginary schedule. It is so disturbing that, even though it’s past my bedtime I’m laying here in bed writing this with what … Continuer de lire Breaking down imaginary walls