On Crawling out of a Black Hole

Falling into a black hole is something that just happens. Everything can seem to be going fine and then… thump! You’re in a very dark place and you don’t know your way out. When you’re in there and you can’t see clearly, it’s easy to get lost in the darkness, to get stuck without knowing what to do or where to go, without knowing who … Continuer de lire On Crawling out of a Black Hole

Breaking down imaginary walls

Lately I’ve been feeling stuck. Stuck in a situation that I (still) haven’t figured out how to deal with. I don’t appreciate being stuck… my life goals are set and I have things that have to be accomplished according to a very tight imaginary schedule. It is so disturbing that, even though it’s past my bedtime I’m laying here in bed writing this with what … Continuer de lire Breaking down imaginary walls

You acknowledge my existence… therefore I exist?

I was recently told that I had a strong need for recognition. At first this made perfect sense, but the more I think of it (yes, this is me and my natural tendency to overthink) the less I understand what it actually means (if you’re looking for answers, don’t bother to read on). If the idea got stuck in my head in the first place … Continuer de lire You acknowledge my existence… therefore I exist?

The day I broke up with my job

Hello, my name is Danae and I’m a workaholic. Nothing makes me happier than a completed task, a project nicely finished, a crispy clean PowerPoint presentation, a perfectly crossed-out to-do list… a job well done. I cant help it, it’s simply who I am, who I have always been and, probably, who I will always be. When I was a teenager I even remember thinking … Continuer de lire The day I broke up with my job