What if…?

« The unexpected is life. »

As an « only » child I have always appreciated my alone time. Playing alone was never an issue for me. I had numerous invisible friends that were there to tag along even on my most delirious adventures. Growing up, I stayed very fond of my alone time, time that I cherish in an almost sacred way. Why is that so? First, because it turns out that alone time teaches you some valuable lessons about yourself. Second, because it gives you the space, the quiet and the time to dream about situations and places that you may never be in or that you may never see.

Alone time is the perfect excuse for daydreaming and imagining things as you wish they were. My daydreaming sessions can go from very practical situations, such as the way I would behave if I were the head of my own organization, to very delirious ideas about how things would be if they were not what they are.

That is why I decided to create a « What if…? » category on Transcending Classification where I hope to share some of my shareable « what ifs…? » with all of you. You will find my ideas on some of the same issues that you have already seen elsewhere on the blog, but hopefully the style will be a little different. Some of my « what ifs…? » are more elaborate and require more thought. That is why some of them will be posted as series of articles… in order to illustrate the evolution of the idea as it grows in my mind.

Without great solitude, no serious work is possible. – Picasso